Tax Services

What’s going on in your world?

Tax consulting is about more than filing a return. It’s about taking the time to understand a client’s unique situation, create a strategy that ensures long-term objectives are met and aggressively executing the plan.

So many variables have an impact come tax time, things that go beyond income. Daniells Phillips Vaughan & Bock CPA’s and Advisors are experienced in a wide range of Extended Tax Services. Business Taxation, Estates Gifts & Trusts, Estate Planning, International Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Due Diligence and Corporate Tax Analysis are just a few of the many specialized tax services that we offer.

At Daniells, Phillips, Vaughan & Bock we adapt quickly to changing tax environments. Being fast on our feet enables us to better serve our clients. Furthermore, size is not as critical a factor as your entrepreneurial outlook- which we are proud to share.
Situation Review

An indispensable starting point for recognizing your company’s long-term tax position and identifying how it can benefit from expert tax services.

To fully understand a company’s tax position, we must first take into consideration all variables. Corporate structure, types and relative magnitude of assets and liabilities, cash flow, competitive environment and risk profiles are all things that DPV&B become familiar with prior to making a recommendation.

A Situation Review has the following objectives:

Understand key strategic and tactical tax issues that challenge a client’s industry. Assist the client in gaining a better understanding of their position with regards to their historical tax situation. Finally we learn our client’s strategic goals and objectives and help the client fully understand how their past, present and future tax situation affects them.

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