Consulting Services

Becoming your trusted business advisors

Our purpose is to be a significant contributor to our clients’ long-term profitability and success. We will continue to strengthen and deepen our existing industry and functional specializations, offering our clients business advice tailored to their companies’ needs

At Daniells Phillips Vaughan & Bock, we approach your needs as a team of professionals with diversified skills. Diversity means taking care of your needs, big and small. Our team members are passionate about what they do. And it shows. We help you maximize your potential and approach change with confidence.

Whether you are a new business or your business has been in the family for one or more generations, or you are the decision-maker of a Fortune 500 company, we are ready to meet your challenges. It all starts with listening, evaluating and creating a strategic plan. We accomplish this with our Client Situation Review process, which provides the road map and a clear vision to accomplish your goals for planning, building and preserving your business.

Building your bottom line is as important to us as it is to you. We know that building trust is also very important. When you’re ready to select a firm whose services exceed the value, select our team of dynamic planners and value builders.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is like launching a satellite. In the case of the satellite, the goal is to build it so that it will serve the need for which it is designed (communications, weather, spy) and launch it into orbit.

In order to do this successfully, a series of steps must be followed and each one needs to happen in a specific order.

The succession of a business from one owner to another must also follow a series of steps. When it is a family owned business and it is to be transferred to family members, the need for Succession Planning has an added dimension of family dynamics.

Transitioning the Family Business

Develop the goal of transitioning the business Planning and design of the transition Account for family interaction Planning for the transition Initiate the transition Monitor the transition of management and family interaction Release the business to new owners

Once the satellite is released into orbit, little can be done to adjust the momentum of the satellite’s path. Likewise, the successful path of a business succession, is dependent upon good up-front planning and communication.

Financial Management

Evaluating financial business decisions

There is a powerful management analysis and presentation tool we use to help make decisions – Financial Projections and Modeling. This product helps you project and evaluate future financial results to make better business decisions and address your capital requirements. We make a concerted effort to understand your plans – and pinpoint the type of information and assistance you need.

Through the development of a financial model, we design a report with projected statements, balance sheets and a summary of significant accounting policies and assumptions. Finally, we help you evaluate all the financial information that’s been generated – and provide additional assistance as needed.