Client Accounting Services

Adding value by providing resources and solutions to assist individuals and businesses in maximizing their potential.


If the Software Fits…..Use It

Matching your needs with the right software isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Our department of Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors will assist you with defining your needs and matching them to the right Intuit Solution. QuickBooks Pro, Quickbooks Premier, Enterprise Solutions and Point of Sale all offer unique features that make your accounting department run smoothly and efficiently.

It takes more than just software to make the accounting accurate. We offer a full menu of services to help our clients ensure the accuracy of their accounting. Consulting to find the right fit, file set-up, training, technical support and periodic maintenance are the ingredients for a solid foundation to your accounting system.

Maximizing Your Software

Why take unnecessary steps in your day-to-day bookkeeping? Make sure that you are getting the most from your software. Features like Online Banking, Merchant Services, Time Tracker, Company Snap-Shot and Client Data Review take your software to the next level of efficiency.

Trained Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors will assist you in maximizing your software. QuickBooks is designed to do the work so you don’t have to. Together we will ensure that QuickBooks is being used to its fullest capacity.

Direct Services

Best Use of Your Time

Tied down with writing checks, filing, and the day-to-day bookkeeping necessities of a small business? Maybe there’s bookkeeping to be done but you don’t have time to do it. Your time is better spent growing your business, not getting tied down with bookkeeping. Accurate, timely bookkeeping is critical but often takes a back seat to other tasks in a small office. Let our office be your office…..Our staff be your staff.

Routine accounting, deposits, financial transactions, cash disbursements, monitoring investments or supervising household expenditures can be done at our office or your office by our staff.

An expansion of our direct services is our Eldercare Service. Eldercare not only looks at the day-to-day needs of our seniors, but also extends beyond the traditional services provided by most CPAs. Our team works with a network of experts to provide quality assistance and peace of mind.

Client Coaching

Working Together Side by Side

Having confidence in your monthly financial reports and having the ability to make financial business decisions with more assurance is critical. By having a month-end process that secures the accuracy of your balance sheet and reviews your profit and loss statement, you can have that confidence and assurance. An additional benefit would be a smoother, timelier year-end process.

DPVB can customize a month-end process that’s simple to complete and easily monitored. We can also assist with monitoring and any troubleshooting needs.

Why wait until year-end to find miscalculations or other situations that can cause tax problems?

Client Data Review

Advanced Troubleshooting

Opportunities to advance troubleshoot common file issues in Quickbooks saves time and money. Through the use of the Client Data Review, the user has the opportunity to review common time-consuming and costly QuickBooks files issues.

Client Data Review not only verifies the balance in retained earnings, it will identify the discrepancy and suggest the adjustment to be made. Along with troubleshooting it will look at possible problems with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable activity.

This process also aids with potential problems in new account set ups and other areas that would cause a delay in your project and affect the accuracy of your accounting.

Electronic Download of Payroll Detail

Taking Convenience One Step Further

Working with your payroll provider, we will assist you with the electronic download (where available) of payroll detail into your company QuickBooks file.

Eliminating manual input and duplicated work saves time, resources and removes opportunity for error. The electronic download is accurate and efficient.

Bank reconciliations are made easier by having the necessary detail in place and reclassification adjustments are eliminated. Let us assist you in taking payroll through to the final step.

Government Reporting

Worry free filing…

Would you like to have confidence that your government reporting is filed timely and accurately? Did you receive a notice from the IRS or EDD and are uncertain of what to do.

Daniells Phillips Vaughan & Bock can assist you and/or handle your government reporting filing for you, including: sales tax returns, 571 business property statements, City business license statements, as well as other government reporting need you or your business may have.

Let us take the worry and hassle from you. At DPVB you can be assured that your government reporting returns have been reviewed for accuracy and are filed on time.

We can also be your liaison with the IRS and EDD. Send us any notices you’ve received and we will research it with the appropriate government agency and find a solution as quickly as possible.

We want you to spend your time doing what you do best, running your business not worrying about government reporting.